A GOP congresswoman said the end of Roe is a ‘historic victory for white life


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The Republican Women’s Congress has called for a Supreme Court decision to dismiss Roe v.

“President Trump, on behalf of all those who love the country of the MAGA in America, I want to thank the historic victory of the white man’s life in the Supreme Court yesterday,”

said Attorney Mary Miller, R-Ill. as he raised his hands to lead the crowd to Mendon, Ill., applauding. His campaign says Miller is abusive.

“He clearly meant ‘victory of the Right to Life’ when he spoke,” Isaiah Wartman, a spokesman for the campaign, said in an email to the NPR, describing the period as “dangerous” and “a stumbling block.”

Miller and Trump’s meeting on Saturday comes just days before he faces a general election against Rep.

Rodney Davis, another Republican candidate. The winner of their main constituency is guaranteed a victory in November – with 68% of voters in a new constituency voting for Trump in 2020.

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