A Viral Video of Actor Paula Patton Cooking Fried Chicken Has Prompted Some Discussion


Robin Thicke’s ex-wife and artist Paula Patton has gained wide popularity after posting a video of when to create her mother’s signal fried rice. Fortnite login TheTrackQueen uploaded a video of herself replying to the ingredients, that has been regarded catastrophic. Many did find that the 46-year-old seemed to be creating silly mistakes while frying, which chosen to leave the casserole glancing aesthetically unpleasing. The Hitch comedienne was really an unsophisticated chefs since she was creating alarming gaffes like cleaning her soup in chilled water, garnishing her soup while it was still frying in the oil, and offering seriously poorly cooked soup.

Image source twitter.

The leading lady posted the video on March 5 this year nowadays is spreading like wildfire. She has already been trending on Twitter, where people will be left frightened by her food dishes.

A wide array posts erupt after Paula Patton’s chicken cream sauce viral on TikTok

Robin Thicke and his now ex-wife Paula Patton absolutely brilliant Hollywood’s favourite part “It” few until deceiving suspicions and abuse claims absolutely brilliant managed to make against the past. The married in 2005 but had a short marital relationship of five years. During the period of their break up, the song writer was really being “canceled” by the world wide web after framework Emily Ratajkowski alleged he s * * ually violently attacked her on the set of his atrocious piece of music Blurred Lines.

Adding fuel to a fire, Thicke too was evaluated by the LA County Department of Child and Family Services after allegations of abuse had been managed to make against him. Since and after that, the internet has recognised the songwriter as “problematic.”

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