Aika Robredo is the daughter of the Philippines’s vice president Leni Robredo. Leni’s eldest daughter Aike is presently 34 years old .

She worked in the global oil business in the private sector for four years after completing her degree before joining the government. She worked in the Department of National Defense’s.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering with honours from Ateneo de Manila University. in 2008 She then went onto earn her masters degree from Harvard University in 2018.

Image source: Google.

Aika is supporting her father in the ongoing campaign for the presidential election. Aika is endeavoring to make his father’s election campaign successful she was doing a door-to-door campaign in Mandaluyong City .

But Leni’s family has become to sufferer of some disgusting and weird political acts.After her door-to-door campaign number of fake links surfaced on the internet supposedly showing Leni’s daughter in a tampered fake s*x tape. Many screenshots of the video are circling on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter and Facebook.

This incident has affected deeply Lena’s family.This issue has generated a lot of attention on the internet and has gone viral on social media. Because it related the presidential candidate’s family’s image, it has piqued everyone’s interest. It has now become a topic of conversation throughout all communities.

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