Alhaja Kaola viral Video – Alhaja Kaola scandal


Hi friends, in these days Social media is a platform where photo and videos are gone viral. Today the photo and videos are gone viral related to a very famous personality today Alhaja Kaola Viral photo and videos are scattered on social media people are searching Alhaja’s photo. Without waste of your time we gonna give you detail about Alhaja Kaola and viral videos and photo of Alhaja Kaola.

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Who is Alhaja Kaola

Alhaja Kaola real name is Alhaja kafilat Rufai, she is an famous religious scholar, she is famous host of fresh FM in Ibadan “Albayan with Alhaja Kaola”.She is also the founder of Kaola Communications and Kaola Travel and Tours, both are very famous.

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Alhaja and her ex husband

Alhaja Kaola married with Alhaji Sharafdeen but they were separated after separation Alhaja’s husband blamed his according to him alhaja is very greedy women and her husband also revealed detail about their private moment.

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Viral vvideo of Alhaja

In these days Alhaja viral videos is spread on social media according to Alhaja her ex husband Alhaji Sharafdeen intimidate that her ex husband gone viral her private moment videos and photo on social media. If few week back her ex husband claimed that Alhaja kidnap his sister but Alhaja rejected all these blames. A famous blogger Saheed Shittu and Yahya Gambari insult her being bad relation with her husband it is circulated that these bloggers viral her private moment videos

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