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Hey listeners we are again and away with just another reports of old pics which itself is trending at present. True, your implication is correct, we are chatting about Alhaja Kaola, who is a popular radio presenter. Individuals throughout the international are talking pointless stuff. Some internet videos that discuss verifying aspects may nothing really start coming up. One those very movie by Alhaja Kaola got so much attention on the net. She needed to talk about the dimension of her private areas or whether it was really significant for her to accept the marriage swears to someone else who didn’t have a right shape.

Who is Alhaja kaola.

Alhaja Kaola is a popular Islamic talk show host and radio personality. Her birthname is Alhaja Kafilat Rufai Kaola so she is understood for aligning the Islamic program named “Albayan with Alhaja Kaola” on Fresh FM, Ibadan.

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Alhaja kaola video and pictures.

It really will depend on it but can concern people sooner than the statement up. In this news site, the listeners will find everything she speaks about in the video clip. Enough that start to follow to realize as much about the video clip. In a recent scandal with her late partner, she settled a case involving him of terrorising her daughter named Maryam Rufia’s husband or wife. Aspects are starting to heat up and persons are judging after long discussions about fighting currently resides and the “feelings” (in the sayings of Alhaja Kaola) of assisting their currently resides.

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Alhaja kaola video on social media.

In the new video, she has said the woman seems to have no confidence to put the fight for custody her dad, so there are two. The first explanation seems to be that he has a tiny fraction and the 2nd explanation is it is he is thousands upon thousands (couldn’t get a lady having a baby). She clarified that hubbies all have power to give relationship breakdown if they can not create their mothers “feel: their intimacy.

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