Andra Escamilla Video Unedited | compañere Video.


Today in social media Andra Escamilla video became a hot topic over all social network like Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Through this article we discuss about the real fact behind the viral video of Andra Escamilla.

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Andrea Escamilla, a young non-binary se*ist who became viral long after being asked for the right name, informed her followers and people towards virtual violence because an intimate video leaked to social networks.

It was via her social networks that Andra Escamilla – who became viral months ago because she asked to become a “compañere” and not a “compañere” – became the sufferer of digital violence due to the escape of intimate photography without Andra permission.

The clip was illegally taken from the ‘Fansly’ platform – a site similar to Only Fans.

Andra asked that if she saw it, she would report and not share it.In early April, Andra announced that she would be uploading adult content to Fansly.

According to law it is not allowed to broadcast, sell or consume videos shared by a selected person, because if so, it is against the law of digital violence under the Olympics.

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