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Ann Hecht
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Anne Heche has remained in the public eye for her often eccentric personality, but her troubled history is not without weight as she tried to move on from her father’s and her very public breakup with Ellen DeGeneres. Is.

Heche, 53, who is “in a coma” after being trapped in her car following a terrifying crash in Los Angeles last week, broke down in 2000, hours after her three-year relationship with the comedian ended.

She shamelessly parked her SUV on a highway in central California and drove a mile across the road and desert before knocking on a stranger’s door in Cantua Creek, Fresno County.

Anne Hecht in coma after car accident: “She didn’t regain consciousness,” says Deputy Fresno wrote in a report at the time,

Last year, she told Page Six that because of a failed relationship not only blacklisted her from Hollywood, but also “banned” her from the entertainment industry for a decade.

He died at the age of 45, when Heche was 13. That same year his brother Nathan was killed in a car accident at the age of 18 etc.

Obituary 2022 Atlas Heche Tupper

She has claimed in various interviews over the years that she was initially by her father when she was a child.

Heche told Barbara Walters in 2001, “He , put his D-K in my mouth, doted on me, hugged me and had with me.” “I think it’s always hard for kids to talk about because it’s it’s just a memory.“

Anybody can look up and say, ‘Well, how do you know for sure?You’re not.” On Monday, a Los Angeles Police Department public information officer confirmed to Fox News Digital that officers obtained a warrant to draw Heshe’s in August.

Los Angeles Police Department officials confirmed that Heshe will be charged with DUI hit-and-run if found to be intoxicated at the time of the accident.

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