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Ariana DeBose
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Ariana DeBose performed a musical number during the Tony Awards on Sunday (June 12) .

comduring which she interacted with many viewers including Andrew Garfield.The 31-year-old actor, who hosted the awards ceremony,

gave a hilarious musical performance that the audience cheered.“I’m close to you, oh so close to you I’m touching you,

there’s not much you can do,DeBose sang while poking Garfield in the face with a laugh.

She then sat on his lap as he wrapped his arms around her, and she continued to sing, “I’m sitting on you because what they say is true because there’s no escaping in the audience

DeBose then got up and walked away to continue her performance.Garfield and DeBose were nominated for an Oscar this year,

and both actors share a connection through the Marvel Universe.Garfield recently reprized his role as Peter Parker in Spider-Man

No Way Homewhile DeBose will star as Calypso in the upcoming Marvel movie Kraven the Hunter.

Many people have reacted to DeBose’s performance on social media.The daily beast Reporter Kevin Fallon wrote,

I respect Ariana DeBose for realizing the point of hosting an awards show when you don’t take the opportunity to sit on Andrew Garfield’s lap.”Another person added,

“I refer to Ariana Debose because I would also come up with a song just to have an excuse to sit on Andrew Garfield’s lap and poke him in the face.

If somehow a miracle happens and we get Andrew Garfield to play Spider-Man again in his own movie, can we get @Ariana DeBose to play Mary-Jane?” asked one fan

.diversity is Film and media reporter Rebecca Rubin also released a clip of Garfield and DeBose, writing, “Ariana DeBose is sitting on Andrew Garfield’s lap, we love to see it.

During her Tony Awards monologue, DeBose opened up about the diversity of the Broadway stage last season.

Noting that seven plays were written by black playwrights, she named Lynn Nottage a double nominee for writing both plays Clydes and the book for MJ

– the first playwright to be nominated in both categories in a single year She also admitted a shout-out A strange loop‘s L Morgan Lee,

the first transgender person to be nominated for a Tony, as well as six Composer Toby Marlow, the first non-binary winner in Tony Awards

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