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Austrian woman
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Austrian woman died

An Austrian tourist died Friday after she was attacked by a shark while swimming off the coast of Egypt.

The 68-year-old woman was swimming in the Red Sea near the resort of Sahl Hasheesh when she was attacked by the shark.

According to reports, the woman lost an arm and leg but managed to make it back to shore.However, she apparently suffered a heart attack while receiving treatment in the ambulance, and died on the way to the hospital.

Austrian woman attacked by shark

The horrifying attack was captured on video by tourists, who watched from the sand and a jetty as the woman struggled to make it to safety.

One man is seen throwing the woman a rope in the hope of dragging her back to shore as she swims back toward the beach,

the water turning red with her Russian tourists can be heard in the video complaining about the lack of lifeguards at the beach,

reports said.“She’s going to die,” one can apparently be heard saying.The woman was reportedly married to an Egyptian man and lived close to the resort.

The Red Sea is a popular tourism and scuba diving destination,Sahl Hasheesh is just south of Hurghada, a resort town popular with budget-conscious European and Israeli tourists.

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