Bill Ludwig Cause of Death AWU Boss Dies at of 87 How Did He Die?


Today a tragic news viral about the passing away of Bill Ludwig.In this article we discuss about his early life and cause of his passing away.

one of Australia’s biggest and oldest trade unions named Bill Ludwig, well referred to as Boss Bill Ludwig passed away at the age of 87.

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Bill Ludwig was born in 1934 in the western Queensland town of Longreach and was raised in Ipswich.

The former officer and Labor Powerbroker took his last breath on 11th April 2022. Bill was recognized as one of the reputed heavyweights of the Australian Workers’ Union.

Bill was raised in quite grim situations and ended up being particular as the National President of the Australian Workers Union. It is being said he started his life in the shearer’s shed Boss Ludwig served his entire life to the union and make a huge contribution to the oldest union.

Bill was even mentioned with multiple awards throughout his life for many achievements.

Bill started labouring as a shearer in the 1950s and later become part of the bitter 1956 shearers’ when a conflict took place among shearers and pastoralists for wages and conditions.

In 2001 Bill was appointed as the National President of AWU. We hope that the pure soul will find its way to paradise.

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