In this article we are going to inform you that who is Blueface fight. And why he is trending on social media.

Blueface fight
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Blueface fight video

Rapper Blueface arguing with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock has surfaced online.

The opens with Blueface freeing himself from Rock before trying to walk away, with Rock still following him down the street.

Moments later, Rock grabbed Blueface by the shirt and punched him before Blueface hit back and both fell to the ground.

Blueface then straddles Rock and asks her to calm down. The rapper then gets off Rock and tries to leave again.

Rock keeps watching him and taunts him as bystanders look on.

The two then exchange punches in a brief scuffle before what appears to be security intervenes and separates the two.

Blueface later posted a video on social media of the bruised eye and a recap of the events that transpired.

The rapper claimed that when he looked into Rock’s phone, he found out that she had with a corrections officer in New Orleans.

Rock, who was arrested in New Orleans on a warrant, can be heard denying his claims in the background.

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