Boxer Hero Tito died-Reasons of Hero Tito death


Hi friend, today the very shocking news is became a headline of very webpage. This news is related to a very famous personality related to the sports field. The very famous boxer Hero Tito died his fans are curious to know what are the reason behind the hero Tito death. Without waste of your time we are going came to know that who was Hero Tito and what are cause of Hero Tito death.

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Who was Hero Tito

Hero tito is very powerful and intelligent Indonesian boxer, his real name is Heru Purwanto but attained the attention of people by the name Hero Tito. Tito won 29 of 48 fights with 17 defeats and two draws. Sadly, the intelligent boxer is no more in just the age of 35 years, he passed away

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Causes of Hero Tito death

According to report, on the 27 February 2022, he was fought against Mokoginta, in seventh round Mokoginta hit him on his right uppercut instead of standing hero tito fell down and he fell down here for several minutes reffry declared that Mokoginta won this round Pera medical staff are checking his health then he taken to the hospital but doctor could not save his life after one week in comma, on 7 March 2022, he passed away. American professional coach give statement about Hero Tito is “Indonesian boxer Hero Tito died after several days of being in a coma due to injuries suffered in a fight last Sunday in Jakarta”

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He left two daughter and wife behind. The boxing promoter give statement on behalf of his wife Didin Nurul Wijayanti “She thanks all the boxing people who always give support and prayers for Hero Tito. Thank you for all your kindness to us and our family”. He also said that his wife said she also consel him he would fight against Mokoginta but he said he wants to win prize for building the house. May he rest in peace.

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