Carmella and Corey grave trending video and photos


A photo of what appeared to be Carmella and Corey Graves engaging in an ad*t activity circulated around the internet.Many online users is searching for there trending video.

Who is Carmella?

Her original name is Leah Van Dale .She was born on October 23, 1987.She is an American professional wrestler, dancer and model. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Carmella.

How is Corey Graves?

Corey Graves is an American wrestling color commentator and retired professional wrestler .

Carmella marriage,

Carmella is married to former NXT Superstar and current commentator Corey Graves. The relationship between Corey Graves and Carmella started in early 2019 .

When a fan pointed out that the man in the picture had the same tattoo as Corey Graves, she reiterated that it was Photoshop and that only a little research would let them come across the original.

The man in the photo had a tattoo that resembled one that Graves has and Carmella said

“ITS PHOTOSHOP, Do some research and you’ll find the ORIGINAL. Stop tweeting about things that you know nothing about. You’re out here trying to ruin peoples lives and careers. It’s disgusting.”

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