China finds First Human case of H3n8 Bird Flu, Symptoms and Other (Avian Influenza)


Through this article we give you a some information about a virus called bird flu.

Bird flu also referred to as avian influenza is the disease due to infection with bird flu Type A viruses.

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These viruses naturally spread among wild birdsAccording to China’s public health agency, China has recorded the first human infection with the H3n8 stress of bird flu but said the risk of transmission among humans is low.

A 4-year-old boy from central Henan province was discovered to have been infected with the variant after developing fever and other symptoms Avian Influenza rarely infects people.

Virus like H5, H6, H7, H9, and H10 are known to have caused the human infection.

Wild birds are believed to be the providers of all avian influenza type A viruses. The viruses are carried inside the bird’s intestines and are spread around the surrounding via bird feces.

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