Coach dives into pool to rescue American swimmer Anita Alvarez at World Championships


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Anita Alvarez
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American swimmer Anita Alvarez rescued her coach from the FINA World Aquatic Championships in Budapest, Hungary, after she fainted.

Coach Andrea Fuentes jumped into the pool after seeing a 25-year-old swimmer drown. at the end of her free women’s event cycle on Wednesday.

Alvarez was doing “really well” on Thursday and medical tests showed that everything was “controlled,” Fuentes told CNN.

Fuentes, an Olympic medalist four times a coordinated swim, lifting Alvarez up before helping him bring him to the edge of the pool. Fuentes had to rescue Alvarez.

He jumped into the pool during last year’s Olympic qualifying event and dragged him to safety, along with his American swimming partner, Lindi Schroeder.

‘I could not wait’ aiming to improve their lung capacity, but highlighting those procedures never contradict the medical advice offered.

Anita Alvarez rescue by coach

Towards the end of Alvarez’s procedure Wednesday, Fuentes noticed that the swimmer’s feet appeared paleer than usual, which caught his eye. And when he saw Alvarez come down instead of going upstairs to breathe, he jumped in.

American professional swimmer Anita Alvarez is rescued by her trainer, Andrea Fuentes, after her 2022 FINA World Aquatics Championships women’s freestyle swimming final in Budapest,

Hungary, June 22 “I was just paying attention, then I see him coming down, “said Fuentes. “I did not know if I should go or not, I just thought I would not wait.”

Asked if he felt that paramedics were not responding immediately, Fuentes said the problem was simple. to see quickly because “I know Anita very well and I know sports well.” “They did their job, and I did mine,” added Fuentes.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA), an organization that regulates sports, did not immediately.

They responded to CNN’s request for a speedy recovery.But in a statement released by CNN on Thursday, FINA said it had been in contact with Alvarez, his team and medical staff following what he described as a “medical emergency.”

Ms Alvarez was immediately treated by a local medical team and is in good health, ”the statement read.

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