Creator of Jim Varney’s Ernest, John Cherry, passed away


In today’s article we share with you a tragic news of a John Cherry passing away.

John R. Cherry III was born on October 11, 1948, and sadly passed away on May 8, 2022.

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Cherry was an American film director and screenwriter, most notable for creating the character of Ernest P. Worrell.

Professionally Cherry is aligned as a Director, Producer, and Writer

Cherry total Net Worth at the moment of the 2022 year is about $150.3 Million.

Cherry live in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife. He had 3 children.

Cherry was the executive vice president and co-namesake of the Nashville-based Cardin and Cherry advertising agency, for which the “Ernest” character was developed.

Cherry directed a television series “Hey Vern Its Ernest” and several other movies are to his name.

Cherry retired the Ernest character after Varney’s declining health made it impossible for him to continue in the role where Varney passed away in 2000.

Cherry also directed the Laurel & Hardy reboot in 1999, which I’ve always had a fondness for.

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