Death of Heavy k – cause of heavy k death


Death of Heavy k is trending on social media. This news make sad to fans of Heavy k. There are many searches from the fans of social media about cause of Heavy k death. In this article we are going to explain you who is Heavy K? What are the causes of Heavy k death?

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Who is Heavy K

Heavy k is an African musician. His real name is Mkhululi siqula. He was born at 4 December 1991. He is song writer, DJ, producer. He belongs to poor family. When he young he wanted doctor or scientists. But he became musician. His famous songs that are like world wide are “Drumboss” and “umoya”

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Who is heavy K wife

Heavy k was married with Ntombi Nguse.

His wife said that relation of Heavy and his father is not good. Heavy k fully ignore his father. Heavy k and Ntombi Nguse has two sons Yuri is 5 years old and juju is 6 year old who is disabled. In 2019 heavy K and his wife Ntombi Nguse are separated.

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What are the causes of death of Heavy k

In previous days news of death of Heavy k is circulated in social media. His fans a were very sad after hearing the news. His fans gave attribute to him. When heavy k heard the news on his death and his fans are giving attributes to him then on Wednesday night he posted that he is alive. This news was just rumors.

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