deborah Wasserman Schultz scandal – who is Deborah Wasserman-why Deborah is on trending.


Deborah Wasserman Schultz is born September 27, 1966. He is an American politician serving because the U.S. consultant from Florida’s 23rd congressional district, first elected to Congress in 2004. A member of the Democratic Party, she is a former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

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Wasserman Schultz broke her public silence on Awan final week, portraying herself as the sufferer of “right wing media” assaults rooted in anti-Muslim bigotry aimed toward Awan and the IT group.But fellow Democrats are as confounded and disbelieving as ever by her penchant for making confusing and cussed political missteps.“We wish she would leave and stop being so public by doubling down on negative stories,” said Nikki Barnes, a innovative DNC member from Florida, who believes Wasserman Schultz left the national party “in shambles” while chair, culminating with the hack of DNC servers and the discharge of embarrassing internal emails by WikiLeaks in the 2016 campaign. As for Wasserman Schultz’s defense, Barnes said “none of this makes sense. It doesn’t sound like racial profiling … there must have been something for her.”

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