Difference Between Liability Insurance and Disability Insurance


    Life is full of risks and we can not avoid most of them.For this purpose we need Insurance.There are many types of insurance but in today our article we are discussing about two types of insurance.

    In our article we share with you the complete details about the common types of insurance that is Liability Insurance and Disability Insurance.

    Here with our article we also share the difference between two types of insurance and there’s types of insurance.

    What is Liability Insurance?

    Liability insurance protects you against financial loss under such circumstances if your property is found to cause someone to be injured or kil*ed, or someone property is damaged or destroyed.

    Types of Liability Insurance,

    There are three types of Liability Insurance,

    1:Public liability

    2:Professional indemnity

    3:Product liability

    What is Disability Insurance?

    Disability Insurance mean If a worker is unable to perform his or her work and earn money due to some disability, he or she can get a disability benefit depending upon rules set by the organisation .

    Types of Disability Insurance,

    There are two types of Disability Insurance,

    1:Short term disability

    2:Long term disability

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