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Edward Lake
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It doesn’t get much worse than this.Edward Lake, the husband of Jennifer Neville-Lake and father-of-three children who were killed by drunk driver Marco Muzzo in Vaughan in 2015, was found dead June 20.

He died by suicide, yorkregion.com has learned.One day before, Father’s Day, Neville-Lake shared a post on Twitter with a picture of the children’s graves, with a message of grief.”Father’s Day 2022.

This shouldn’t be real. It can’t be,” the tweet read.Edward Lake’s wife’s name is Jennifer Neville Lake.

After their children’s demise, Jennifer shared a post on her social media account.”Father’s Day 2022,” she wrote on the card.

Edward Lake father of 3 children killed

But, of course, this can’t possibly be true. “It’s not possible.”She also mentioned how “unfair (the world) is” in the article,

pointing out that drunk driver Marco Muzzo would have been freed from jail that day after completing two-thirds of his ten-year term.

Instead, on February 9, 2021, Muzzo was given full parole.

The crash killed nine-year-old Daniel Neville-Lake, five-year-old Harrison (Harry), two-year-old Milagros (Milly) Neville-Lake,

and their 65-year-old grandpa, Gary Neville. Jennifer’s mother and grandmother were also seriously injured.

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