Emergency in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pak forex dips, South Asia in crisis


In this article we discuss about a worse economic situation in Sri Lanka and crisis.

Sri Lanka in crisis,

The worsening economic situation in Sri Lankan, Nepal and Pakistan is a challenge to India as rising public resentment could fuel political instability with no instant economic vaccine available and long.

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Emergency In Sri Lanka,

The public resentment against Rajapaksa government is strengthening by the day, forcing President Gotabaya to declare emergency.

Protest and strikes In Sri Lanka,

With protests and strikes showing no signs of weakening, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a state of emergency in the Island nation on Friday night as the public resentment against the Rajapaksas for the deep economic crisis in the country has been mounting by the day.

Economic crisis,

The Island nation of 22 million people is currently reeling under serious economic crisis with the Rajapaksa leadership unable to figure out the way out as the protests are not weakening and it is quite evident that even a change of PM or government will be able to pacify the public.

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