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Steve King
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Former Iowa congressman Steve King has sparked outrage over a Twitter post comparing slavery and abortion on Tuesday morning.

Mr King’s sentencing would set him back in his later years at the Palace, where his right-wing policy was often criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Mr’s relationship King and his advocacy of white supremacy led to his being deprived of committee work during his last term in the House of Representatives.

In a Twitter post, Mr King appeared comparing gardening with slavery and pointed out that slavery is better than abortion because slaves see the sun. get up and set.

I spent the 15th of June all day in the hot sun weeding and weeding and thinking about what it would be like to be a slave,” Mr King said on Twitter.

“At the end of the day, I thought about what an abortion would be like. I could see the rising and setting of the sun.

Mr. King has served Iowa in Congress for nearly two decades and has not competed in competitive races in the northwestern part of the country.

But Mr. King’s racist comments and his acceptance of the white supremacy as the theory of the Great Transformation eventually came to his notice.

In 2018, Mr King barely beat Democrat JD Scholton for re-election. and suggested that the Democratic Party “is not a white country”.

The House voted unanimously to reprimand Mr. King, and the Republican Steering Committee stripped him of all his committee duties.

Due to the lack of institutional support almost always provided to attendees, Mr. King was beaten by Rep. Randy Feenstra at primary 2020 Republican by. about 10 percent points.

Since that defeat, Mr. King was not very much in public life. Tuesday’s tweet, sent in the morning just two days after the 19th century holiday, was the first from Mr. King getting a big wedding in recent months.

His engagement was not very good. to himself by tweet, he succeeded.If we consider he no longer has a public position, that attention may be a kind of money.

Last year, Mr. King published a book with a publishing company founded jointly by former National Rifle Association president Oliver North.

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