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As we khow in this internet world everything got trending in just a matter of seconds and like that “ShinzoAbe” Video went Trending.

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As per the latest trend the shooting video of “ShinzoAbe” is making headlines in the news. People wanted to know about the original video which was firstly uploaded on Twitter and later went trending on social media.

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Through this blog we will be discussing more about the “ShinzoAbe” present in the video .

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a longtime leader in Japan, died on Friday after being dead while campaigning for a parliamentary election, a senior party official said.

A man opened fire on Abe, 67, in the back with that appeared to be self-propelled. he spoke on a street island in the western city of Nara, the Japanese media have pointed out earlier.

Speaking before the announcement of Abe’s death, Prime Minister Fumio. Kishida has condemned the shooting “with loud words” while the Japanese people and world leaders expressed shock at the violence in a country where is so rare and control is so high. ”

his feelings. n a condition of heart failure while being airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

ShinzoAbe cause of death

Police said a 41-year-old man who allegedly himself was arrested. NHK quoted the suspect, identified as Tetsuya Yamagami, as telling police he was unhappy with Abe and wanted to him.

Security officials were seen arresting a man wearing a gray T-shirt and beige trousers. Nara paramedics said she was in the right neck and left.

His brother, the Minister of Defense, Nobuo Kishi, had said that Abe had a transfusion.

The NHK showed pictures of Abe’s wife, Akie, on the train to the hospital where she was being treated. such had never happened in Japan.

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