G Flip chrishell video – g flip music video


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Who is G flip chrishell?

Their real name is Georgia Claire Flipo, and they were born on Sept. 22, 1994 in Melbourne. They are known for the track “Gay 4 Me,” which dropped in February.

G Flip
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While 3.4 million followers on Instagram Flip’s following on social media, they are a big deal in Australia, and their influence is steadily growing throughout.

G Flip chrishell video – g flip music video

In 2019, G Flip won Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Awards.

G Flip joined the Australian band at the age of 19 as its drummer. The band split in 2017. A year later, the singer launched a solo career. Their debut studio album, About Us, dropped in August 2019.

The whole album is just an open and honest account of my up and down relationship” of their, at the time, girlfriend, Jemma. 

They spent the better part of a year giving drum and guitar lessons to elementary school kids to support themselves while they worked on their album.

The singer also told the Australian Broadcasting Company about the first time they got their hands on a set of drum sticks when they were 9.

G Flip started writing their own songs, mostly about breakups. They’re not only a talented singer, G Flip’s a natural with instruments. They can play guitar, bass and keys.

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