Gaming community enraged over tournament officials banning competitive Apex Legends team for in-game toxicity


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Apex Legends
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Cause of banning competitive Apex Legends team

The eight-time Apex Predator was recently kicked out of the ‘Fate Legion’ Apex Legends tournament on July 16, 2022, along with his entire team,

due to toxicity for “tea bagging” his own teammates.

Apex Legends is one of the biggest battle-royale games since 2022.

Apex Legends’ competitive season is also bigger than ever with the conclusion of the Year 2 Championship of Apex Legends Global Series, or ALGS, crowning Team DarkZero as their Year 2 Champion .

The ALGS Year 2 Championship Finals doesn’t end the Apex Legends competitive scene, as online tournaments are all held time.

The gaming community recently shared their complaints about a competitive player being disqualified from an online tournament due to an in-game teabagging gesture.

Dilly, who goes by @dillykami on Twitter, is an 8x Apex Predator player who plays the game competitively. with your team.

In a recent online tournament hosted by Fate Legion (@FateLegion1 on Twitter), competitive player Dilly and his entire Crazy Penguin team were disqualified due to the toxicity of his own teammate’s former tea bag.

It’s a screenshot of the live stream of the tournament, and it shows the exact moment Dilly “bags” the Pathfinder deathbox that belongs to his teammate.

The tournament host was quick to react to the behaviour, saying: “Such things will not be tolerated.

.” When exotic TTV, the player who received the tea bag, addressed it in the tournament hall, the moderator decided to close the hall and stop engaging in further debate.

The video sparked a conversation on Twitter with esports team such as Spacestation Gaming and content creators. Macro expressing their concerns.

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