Ghetto Kids – Dancing to Happiness | Viral Video 2022


The kids from Kampala’s slum dwellers were consistently an internet sensory experience since their first clip in 2014. After nearly a decade of inundating sns across the mainland and the international with the gyrating of their torso and cool stance. Daouda Kavuma’s Ghettos Kids were again stuffing the African displays after their body image in Eltee Skhillz’s youtube clip’ ODG ‘, Nigeria’s the more ‘shazamed’ lyric of each year.

image source twitter.

All this kids from the ghetto, from the slum dwellers of Kampala, and then around Uganda so that’s why we are considered Ghetto Kids. The movement we had to do was nacho the enjoyment we are showcasing to the entire globe, discusses Daouda Kavuma, founder of the dance. Over the years, the existing team of five poor and disadvantaged kids has risen. There are now a dozen of them jiggling to the pulse of the soundtrack from all across the mainland, all selected in the street corners of the Ugandan investment.

I used this to play in the sidewalks and folks managed to give me some advices consequently I could acquire something else to actually consume with my mothers ’ and fathers. The team have seen me when I has been marching in the streets and they told me if I could enter them. Cuz I wanted to party, I merged them, I began dancing on the sidewalks with them. My husband told me now you are in the Ghetto Kids, I couldn’t assume it, I was still so glad “, says Kayondo Madiwanah King, a 13 year-old member of the group. From the slums of Kampala to the videos of French Montana or Eltee Skhillz, the Ghetto Kids ‘are not done shaking up their success story.

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