Kalimantan video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Kalimantan video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Kalimantan? And why he is trending on social media.

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The latest information that the admin has received is to be shared through a short review this time, about the latest on social media Ghosts That Are Again trending.

Starting from a WhatsApp application, then continuing into Facebook and now all social media are busy reporting this unusual information.

According to news circulating in the village of Muning, a husband and wife are holding a pesugihan ritual in alliance with spirits.

So that ghost news appears which is now and trending on various social media, because many netizens are curious about the news.

Information on ghosts in South Kalimantan is currently being hotly discussed by all net citizens in cyberspace.

Now even the village of Muning in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) has become the center of attention of netizens with the information about ghosts that is going trending.

The Story of a Ghost Sighting in South Kalimantan So Trending reminds us some time ago of a haunted house.

So attracting the attention of netizens to hunt for keywords, in order to get the right information and look for the original video.

Similar to what is happening now when ghost sightings are becoming more in South Kalimantan, they are becoming trending, several queries or keywords such as the following appear:

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