Girl sexually harressed in boda boda Forest Road photos goes viral


Hi friend, As social media is platform of viral Photos and videos, just tuned with social media if we wantes update of viral photo, today a photo of very shocking incident goes viral on social media is related to a young female girl. With wasting of your time we are going to explain the detail of accident of girls which was being harressed by rider

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Video is goes viral on social media in which we can see a young girl was crying for help and being harressed by boda boda riders. When asked about the incident cause she said it happened accident in which rider of boda boda involved.

Who captured the incident

This video is firsty appeared on facebook then it is spread on all social media apps. Luckily girl has a camera with him in which she record whole incident after coming safe place she told her to world by Facebook

Viral video and detail

In viral video the girl being harressed and she was crying for help in video riders misbehaves with girl who ride her car. They touched her private part and threatened him they were rapped her and Assault her for crying. Someone said lady is responsible for this accident. Her real name is not revealed and her personal life is kept on secret for her image

Updates about riders

Kenyans are demanding the apprehend of the bike riders who have stripped the lady on forest road. When video goes viral on social media after seeing the video people are roaring to arrest these culprits According to resources 16 riders are arrested and 4 bike are seized. Police are giving their best in this case. Someone are said that it is minor accident but it will not be stopped I beginning then in the future it will be big issue for that will not be easily handled

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