Gogglebox duck Scene Video.


In this Article we discuss about an interesting story of a gogglebox duck Scene.

the Gogglebox cast and their fans watched part of Apple TV+ show Roar. The episode shown was titled ‘The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck’ and followed a woman starting a romantic relationship with the water fowl.

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The duck could speak and viewers found themselves cringing as the woman’s relationship with the aquatic animal became more ‘intimate’.Fan favourite Giles turned to his wife Mary, beginning to say: “the duck can’t physically…” Mary quickly interjected: “well he can Nutty, he can use his beak…”

The series is based on Cecelia Ahern’s short story collection, with the families watching “The Woman Who Was Fed By a Duck” starring Merritt , which featured a scene in which a woman is pleasured by a duck.

Clip was shown in which the duck proposition the woman, new Gogglebox star Roisin said: “This can’t go where I think it’s going to go”, while her partner Joe added: “What the f*** is going on?”The duck then asked her to “take off your pants”, with the Gogglebox cast gasping and Helena saying: “No, shut up. Give over.”“The duck can’t physically…” questioned Giles, while Mary assured him: “Well he can, he can use his beak as a penetrative tool.

.”Bloody hell, I’ve seen it all now,” said Shirley as the scene reached its dramatic climax. “There’s feathers everywhere.”Mary then added: “It’s terrible. Really bad. It’s the worst programme I’ve ever seen.”

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