HOME remedies for vomiting child


In this article we discuss about Vomiting is quite a common problem in children. Normally, it is caused by a virus, motion sickness, or food poisoning. But if your child is vomiting frequently you would definitely worried.

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Here we share with you a 4 easy tips for vomiting,

1:Rice Water

Did you know that rice water helps in curing vomiting that results from gastritis? If possible, make your child drink white rice water and see the magic Ginger works well for nausea and vomiting. Grind a small piece of ginger, crush the juice out of the grated ginger and add a little honey to make it delicious. Keep on giving this mixture to your child twice or thrice a day.

3:Mint juice.

Grind some fresh mint leaves and extract the juice. Mix mint juice and lemon juice well.


Clove is something that must be available in your kitchen. If your child is a little older and is vomiting, give him one clove to chew on. In fact, you can try clove tea also.

I hope this easy home remedies helpful for you.

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