How Did Devan Duniver passed away? What Happened To Her? Cause of passed away, Kill*r Name?


In this article we discuss about a new tragic story of a little girl Devan Duniver who first missing from house later found lifeless.

Devan Duniver, a 5-year-old girl, went missing after she went out to play but never returned home. The incident was reported in June 1998. As the family was concerned about their daughter’s well-being, they filed a missing complaint, hoping that Devan would be found. However, a frantic search for the young girl ended with her lifeless body being discovered behind the apartment she lived in.

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Devan born in October 1992 in Guernsey County, Ohio, Devan Brooke Duniver lived with her mother, Lori, and brother, Dylan, in New Philadelphia. The little girl was 5-year-old when she went off the house to play and never came back home. After searching for Devan for the entire day, Lori, her mother, called the authorities and reported Devan missing.

Unfortunately, the officials found the de*d body the next day around 2:30 PM in the woods behind the apartment building. Reports suggested that the girl passed away from seven stab wounds to the neck and an injury to the top of her head.A thorough investigation led the police to a 12-year-old boy named Anthony Harris. Although the boy kept refusing to be involved in the murd*r, the officials accused him of the same.

However, the authorities soon charged him with murd*r and found him guilty of kill*ng Devan in March 1999. Later, in June 2000, an appellate court in Ohio overturned Anthony’s conviction.

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