How Did Obert Karombe Die? Businessman Accident Video Footage Wiki Biography.


Through this article we inform you about the tragic story of a famous business man Obert karombe who passed away in a car coincidence.On social media his tragic accident related some video and footage viral .

Obert Karombe was a wealthy man from Mbinga, Zimbabwe. He was usually called a’mbingaOne of the mentioned businessmen Obert Karombe recently passed away in a vehicle accident and the man left everyone behind after succumbing to the injuries suffered via the coincidence.

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seven months before the businessman Java declared himself as the last Zimbabwean mbinga in South .

According to the sources, the noted student turned rich businessman from Zimbabwe passed away after meeting a big road accident where he collided with an army truck followed by which he was rushed to the hospital where doctors said his loss of life cause of the horrific road crash.

Obert Karombe has a wife two children and according to the people he also have a girlfriend.

Social media has been flooded with hundreds of condolences .

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