Ivan Lester Mcguire was a skydiver whose death was caught on camera, and it is still considered a remarkable death to this day.


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Ivan Lester McGuire
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Cause of Ivan Lester McGuire death

The death of Ivan Lester McGuire as a result of a forgotten parachute was a incident that continues to this day.

He wasn’t a jump cop because he was a skydiver, yet not bringing a parachute cost him his life.

Ivan was the one filming the video and he wasn’t the one who jumped that day.

In addition, other persons can be seen in the video jumping from the plane from a height of 10,500 feet.

He too is ejected from the plane and he notices the other pulling on the release cord of his parachute and tries to deploy his own, but then realizes his mistake in not bringing his parachute before jumping from the plane.

the video was from the ground below him, suggesting he was flying fast without a parachute, and it was the last film he ever made.

Who was Ivan Lester McGuire

Who Was Van Lester McGuire? Ivan Lester Mcguire, a 35-year-old veteran pilot aboard the Franklin County Sports Parachute Center.

On the day of the accident, he had completed over 800 jumps and was preparing for his third jump of the day.

He was tired and forgot to take his parachute before boarding the plane.

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