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Jayland Walker footage
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Akron police released camera footage showing Jayland Walker’s shooting.

According to authorities, at least 90 rounds of chase at least eight policemen were Died, leaving a 25-year-old man with wounds to the body.

Police said police at the scene thought Walker was turning on them, grabbing a firearm. A gun was later found in Walker’s car.

Walker’s family has revealed that last month, Jayland lost her boyfriend, and although she was sad, she did not show any behavior that could shock the family.

Lawyers for the family also point out that Walker has no record. The video raises further questions about an unarmed black man under investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Investigations.

Jayland Walker video and photos

BCI, investigating the , has not yet confirmed how many times Walker was , Mylett said. and it is still unknown how many rounds were dismissed.

” However, based on the video, I expect that number to be higher, ”he said. “Lots of bullets were fired.

Mylett said police found a shell near the area where they were trying to stop the vehicles “which was in line with the gun Mr Walker had in his car.

BCI will determine whether the case has arrived or not. ” He added by photographing a street camera “which we believe is a fizzle flash coming out of the car.

And BCI will be deciding whether or not to do so.” Walker died.

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