Jeff Timmer’s sons died – what happened Jeff Timmer’s son


Social media is a platform where news goes viral. Today the an awful news scattered on social media which is related to a famous politician Jeff Timmer’s son. Death is a very shocking news for everyone but when a death of that person happened about we know It become more painful for us. So without wasting your precious moments we explain detail about who is Jeff Timmer and what are reason of death of Jeff Timmer’s son.

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Who is Jeff Timmer

Jeff Timmer is a well known American politician, public affairs, and communications strategist. His exact birth date is yet not known but we approximately said that he was on in 1961-1971 in Caledonia, Michigan, United States. He started his political career in very young age and he studies B.A in international relations and Affair from Michigan State University.

Jeff Timmer and Mattie Timmer

Personal life

About his personal life there is not exact statistics available on social media. Like his mother his father.Jeff Timmer and his girlfriend her name is Mattie Timmer we’re many years ago doing dating Then they got married. They had one cute son his name is Mekbul Timer.

On 7 March 2022, the tragedy happened and Mekbul Timer died his family is tied to grief yet cause of Mekbul Timer death is not releaved by his family fans of Jeff Timmer also very sad one of his fan said when I heard He could not stand on his feet and sat down and this news was confirmed by Twitter

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