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We are going to given you the complete information about the trending video of Jeena Ortega.Jeena Ortega video is trending on social media platforms specially on Twitter.

People are crazy to get the complete details of the trending video and the complete fact behind the story.For this purpose they are trying to search different social media accounts.

Here in our article we are sharing with you the complete details about the trending video of Jenna Ortega.

Who is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Marie Ortega is an American actress. Jenna began her career as a child actress, receiving recognition for her role as young Jane on The CW comedy drama series Jane the Virgin .

Jenna Ortega age,

Jenna Ortega is born on September 27, 2002.

On December 1, NCT Haechan and Jenna Ortega found themselves embroiled in out of the blue dating rumors.

The rumors surfaced online when a TikToker named @kpopstan5670 posted a video on a TikTok.

The Jenna Ortega TikTok video gained 459.3K views and 59.4K likes within six hours.Many people are searching for the video for complete details.

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