Jesse Koz car accident video – Jesse Koz died in car crash


Jesse Koz video and photos went Trending On Social Media like Twitter and Reddit. Jesse Koz death video Trending on webpage . In this article we are going to inform you that who is Jesse Koz and his cause of death? And why he is trending on social media.

Jesse Koz
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A 29-year-old from Paraná he traveled the world with his dog Shurastey whom he called his “life partner in his 1978 white Volkswagen Beetle and wanted to get to Alaska and learn more.

Influencer Jesse Kozechen Jesse Koz known on social media for traveling the world with his dog, Shurastey in a 1978 Beetle died on Monday (24) in a car accident on the Redwood Highway near the city of Selma in the US state of Oregon (USA).

Jesse Koz car accident video

The 29-year-old man’s vehicle collided with a Ford Escape, and he and the animal died on the road US 199.

According to local police Jesse would have tried to avoid a traffic jam but lost control of the Beetle changing lanes and hitting the Ford.

The driver of the other car, 62-year-old Eileen Huss needed to be taken to a hospital but the child she was with was not injured.

Jess death was confirmed by her family on social media and her relatives are now trying to bring her and Shurastey’s bodies to Brazil.

Jesse had a nomadic life since 2017 which he documented on his Instagram – Shurastey also had a social media account.

The name of the travel project was Shurastey or Shuraigow a play on the song Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Jesse Koz died in car crash

In 2020, Jesse made a post with Shurastey in Bombings Santa Catarina, celebrating the dog’s birthday. “5 years to the most perfect friend I could ever have!” he wrote.

He talked about the animal at other times. It’s hard for outsiders to understand that everything we’re doing together has meaning far beyond what they can see through the minutes shared in Stories

he said.Everything we’ve lived together in the last few years is based on love, dedication, respect and trust. People always say ‘your connection is amazing YES and that’s only possible

because, in addition to Shurastey being my companion dog, he is my life partner, he is always with me in everything.

I do but especially in places where he will somehow feel good. in that place,” he said when the two passed through New York.

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