JJ Redick Had Controversial Comment Before The Final Four- Tate Frazier twitter


With a Final Four standoff between Duke and North Carolina just a few hours long, one past Blue Devil is making news. Earlier week, fmr Duke hero JJ Redick’re part of Tar Heels fan friends where ever. During a chat with ESPN’s Marcus Spears, Redick posited that North Carolina folks support Duke further than Duke players hate North Carolina. “And my comment to that is I’ve always felt that Carolina fans hate Duke fans way more than Duke fans hate Carolina fans,” Redick stated “, via 247Sports.

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He once again provided a justification on why. He posited North Carolina aficionados have an overinflated ego going on. “And the reason is that people that go to Carolina — and there’s a lot of people in North Carolina that are UNC fans that didn’t go to Carolina — but people in North Carolina and UNC fans all over the country, the have an inferiority complex. They have an inferiority complex, and that’s just part of the rivalry.”

Redick later admitted that he was joking, but the serious harm has already been done. He irked Tar Heels enthusiasts all around the great nation. Well, North Carolina will get the great opportunity to take revenge the replies from Redick with a beat over Duke late night. Duke and North Carolina turn off at 8: 49 p. M. ET on TBS.

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