Jo14gameplay Twitter video (Gore_890 Twitter video)


A famous video of a mother carrying his son who is looking died and his he@d is open is trending as @jo14gameplay twitter video.

As we know that everyday lots of topics become famous on social media especially on twitter and Reddit. Jo14gameplay is similar type of trend today.

Jo14gameplay Twitter video  (Gore_890 Twitter video)
Jo14gameplay Twitter video (Gore_890 Twitter video)

The little boy was playing on-road with friends and one of the cars just passed him. The boy who hit by car was died at the spot. That’s why his head can be seen like exploded. Mother carried his child and can be seen into tears and crying out loud. The video is very sad and tragic for a lot of people to watch.

Here is Jo14gameplay twitter video:

People have mixed reactions on this video. Some people criticize the Twitter user @Jo14gameplay for sharing this heart broken video. Here is Jo14gameplay twitter video link.


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