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Death is very shocking news for everyone. Today death news of Jordan Mooney scattered on social media. There are a lot of searches on social media about Jordan Mooney death. In this article we are going to explain who Jordan Mooney and what is the cause of the death of Jordan Mooney

Who is Jordan money - cause of death
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Jordan Mooney real name is Pamela Rooke. She was born in 23 June 1955. She well-known English model and actress. She started her with Vivienne Westwood in the Kings Road area of London in the mid-1970s, and for attending many of the early a famous band performances. Her style and get dressed feel—a bleached platinum-blonde bouffant hairdo with dark raccoon-like eye make-up—made her a particularly visible icon of the London punk lifestyle.

She took the single name Jordan at age 14 in Seaford. Rooke commuted for two hourseach day to London from Seaford, East Sussex, on the south coast. She got married with Kevin Mooney that was guitarist in a band wide boy awake.

In 1984, she divorced Mooney, she came back to Seaford, now breeding Burmese cats and working as a veterinary nurse.

Rooke passed away in East Sussex on 3 April 2022. Rooke’s autobiography, “Defying Gravity: The Story of Jordan and Catti Unsworth,” published by Omnibus Press in 2019.

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