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Joshua connell
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An Australian tourist has died after falling six floors from a hotel in the resort town of Patong on Phuket’s west coast.

Joshua James Connell, from Canberra, and his friend were staying at the Paripas Patong Resort when the tragedy unfolded.

captured the 19-year-old, who was wearing a pair of swimming shorts, climbing onto a narrow wall at the side of the rooftop swimming pool.

He was seen tiptoeing on the edge of the pool and appeared to lift his hands in an effort to balance, before slipping over onto the edge of the rail.

Joshua connell video

Patong police inspector lieutenant colonel Korkiat Boonplod said Mr Connell fell about 15 metres and landed on the kitchen roof of an adjacent restaurant.

He was rushed to hospital at about 5:50pm on Wednesday where he was pronounced dead.

The deceased fell from the hotel adjacent to the restaurant, wearing shorts and without a shirt,” Mr Boonplod said, according to The Mirror.

The roof of the restaurant hut was shattered and several tiles were on the floor. The deceased’s legs were twisted and he had wounds on his head.

Connell fall from the resort in Thailand

Locals near the restaurant where he landed said they were startled after they heard a thud at a nearby restaurant.

The 19-year-old fell onto the rooftop of a nearby restaurant. I had just opened my shop and I heard a loud thunder sound.

I thought a car had crashed or there was an explosion in their kitchen resident Ning Tanyaporn told The Daily Mail.

People gathered around the restaurant and saw the foreign man on the roof. “He was unconscious so someone called an ambulance. Everyone was shocked that he fell down and died.”

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