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hello my friends we came back with interesting information on Kimberly kitching. Kimberly kitching capture attention by many people. Many people are searching about Kimberly kitching on social media. In this article we are going to explain who is Kimberly kitching and why she is trending on social media.

who is Kimberly kitching.

Kimberley Jane Elizabeth Kitching was born in 16 February 1970. She was an Australian politician, lawyer, and trade unionist. A member of the Labor Party, she was a Senator for Victoria from October 2016 until her death.she died on 10 march 2022.

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Kimberly kitching life.

Kitching was born in Brisbane. She was daughter of Bill and Leigh Kitching. She spend her earlier life in the suburb of St Lucia. she was a childhood friend of Chloe Shorten. Her father was a chemistry professor, and he spent time in England, Spain, France, Germany, and the United States as her father received academic postings. Kitching complete her schooling at Brisbane Girls Grammar School and then studied arts and law at the University of Queensland.

personal life.

Kitching was married with Andrew Landeryou. He was last famous political blogger and kitching father-in-law Bill Landeryou was a state government minister in Victoria. The couple married in 2000. In 2001, the couple purchased Wardlow, a heritage-listed mansion in Parkville, Melbourne. The couple separated due to financial difficulties. They did not divorce and later resumed their relationship.

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how kitching die.

Kimberley Kitching died of a suspected heart attack on Thursday. She was being treated for a thyroid problem that was contributing to heart problems.The 52-year-old foreign policy hawk had been dealing with the thyroid issue and taking medications since it was identified last year. She had been experiencing symptoms, but her condition had since improved, The Age and the Herald has confirmed.

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