Klarifikasi Wanita di Video Viral Ibu Gorok Anak Karena Bangunkan Sahur: Kalau Gue Digorok


In this article we are going to explain you that Klarifikasi Wanita di Video Ibu Gorok Anak Karena Bangunkan Sahur: Kalau Gue Digorok.

the woman in the video of the mother slitting the child appeared with a clarification video.He did not deny the existence of the video, but denied the narrative that said he was slashed by his mother.

A video has been circulating in which a woman is slashed by her mother or the mother slits her child for waking up sahur.In the video, a teenage girl is seen screaming in pain, holding her neck, and being helped by local residents.

Not long after, the woman’s mother arrived. The viral video is narrated that the woman or the child was slit in the throat by his mother for waking up sahur.

Klarifikasi Wanita di
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In addition, the woman known as Mira asked netizens not to exaggerate the video and believe in the narrative that she was slashed.

“If I was slashed, it would be impossible for me to live until now, until this moment, until I could make a video clarification like this,” he said in the video.

He said that all he experienced was a small stab wound, and now he is fine.“Stab wounds, differentiate between stab wounds and stab wounds.

the wound must be big, I think the wound is only small, “said Mira.”No need to exaggerate, netizens, I’m not being slashed,” he continued, straightening the video of the mother slitting the child.

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