Lemon Grove Party Member: Liana LeBaron Arrested over husband Assault her, Aged 32, Husband, Family.


A new trending news is about a domestic violence by Liana Lebaron to her husband.

Through this article we inform you the real fact behind this story .

Image source: Twitter

Liana LeBaron, a famous Lemon Grove council member, has been arrested after her partner accused her of bodily violence On Monday, April 18, 2022, .

Liana LeBaron, a famous City councilwoman, was arrested for assault. The department has charged her with a misdemeanor, domestic violence, at this time.

According to Liana husband Liana punched me, kicked me, bit me since my life insurance coverage was just $100,000, and she thought I needed a extra amount,”.

Liana LeBaron is 32 years old. She holds an American Nationality.

And know Liana Lebaron arrested by a police in case of domestic violence.Police investigate whole matter ,no further news or Clue given by a police.

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