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Hello guys in these days a youtube clip of QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello describing business tactics with Lira’s pioneer, Muna Obadina, has been released online week. Ken Okello is shown in the youtube clip guiding Muna here about how to better Lira’s pic and purchases. The spills arises really days after Lira proclaimed that its gcp might be delayed that allows you to notify its cryptocurrency password. Countless persons have inquired what Ken Okello has something to do with closure saw the visual.

Who is lira.

Lira is a well-known model currently, and thus a disagreement and mysterious man. The CMO of QFM Radio seemed to be videoed by digicam mentioning Lira in the ongoing trending moving images. In the movie, the CEO discloses many of the company’s secret information and needs to join Lira with innocuous people’s money. The video has outraged all of important people on earth. The seven-minute issue appears to just be a digicam recording of a corporate convention.

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Lira vedio.

According to reveals, the youtube clip is now circulating on Twitter and Reddit, among some other big social networking platforms. In words of the youtube clip, we discovered that it was talking a significant theme. The show went retroviruses on the Internet a day fairly late and baffled everyone and anyone who saw it. Citizens who’ve had watched the video clip here have raised a number of begins to question.

Ken Okello, CEO of QFM Radio, talks about the Eve Jay Scandal on tape.

They also recognised the instant had really been videoed that everything went quiet, and also that the sd card had indeed been sneaked out the front of the. Would be the President’s net worth extremely high than even Radio & Weasel CEO Ken Okello? Okello’s fiancee tried to throw him a 500,000 / = celebration, which she required to pay for with ‘bail bond’ funds collected by fleecing naive academics at QFM!!

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The new video spotlighting Lira CEO Muna and QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello premiering them also has been discussed on Whatsapp, though we have stated numerous times inside this thread. Numerous different prosecution had been smoothed against the digital identity. The youtube clip is currently trending on social networking sites in Uganda, provoking peculiar replies from viewing audience. We don’t insinuate some of the details because it brought from many other online sites.

Niakyoot viral video on TikTok.


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