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Lt Stabbed
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Brisbane Stabbing Video

On Monday July 11, Lauie Tagaloa was stabbed to death in a Valley Metro food court just outside Fortitude Valley train station.

The murder of the 24-year-old victim was caused by a heated confrontation between two groups of men at the scene.

Later, from the scene confirmed that the confrontation turned into a fight which resulted in Tagaloa being at the time.

The groups of men were reported to have exchanged words and hurled insults at each other before one of the individuals armed himself with a and threatened the safety of the opposing group of men.

The incident happened near the food court of a shopping complex in Brisbane. around 4.00 in the morning.

The three men who were involved in the fight reportedly fled the scene after Lauie Michael Tagaloa died there. The men were later arrested in connection with the died.

recently surfaced online showed two groups of men shouting at each other. According to the , one of the group tried to de-escalate the scene and tried to leave.

Suspect arrested in Laurie Tagaloa Stabbing Video

Moments later, a fight breaks out between the two men, and the shows Lauie Tagaloa falling backwards after being stabbed.

He collapsed to the ground as heavy flowed from the wound around his neck. As pooled after Tagaloa hit the ground, a witness at the scene administered first aid to the 24-year-old father to save him.

However, the effort was in vain as Tagaloa died before paramedics could revive him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Since the incident, a 20-year-old from Birkdale has been arrested for Lauie Tagaloa’s . According to Daily Mail UK, two other men involved in the incident are said to be assisting the investigation.

The two individuals will not yet face any charges for their involvement on July 11. Meanwhile, the main suspect appeared in Brisbane Magistrates’ Court on July 12 to find out the outcome of the charges against him.

According to, the man accused of killing Lauie Tagaloa has been identified by Queensland police as Seyram Kwami Djentuh.

After the 24-year-old’s , an apparent accomplice, Jordyn Cooper, started a GoFundMe page to help the family of the deceased Tagaloa.

A young father recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday before his unfortunate passing.

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