Lulu Hassan Dead or Alive What Happened To Her? Death Hoax True Or Fake?


Through this article we inform you about the rumors of the passing away of Lulu Hassan .

Lulu Hassan she is one of the big businesswoman in Kenya. Along with being an entrepreuner Lulu is also serving as a anchor and reporter for the Kenyan Free-to-Air television channel related to Citizen Tv.

Image source: Twitter

The channel is taken into consideration as one of the most-watched television network in the country. Being a reporter Lulu Hassan has won large reputation throughout Kenya considered as one of the outstanding anchors of Swahili news anchor.

According to the source Lulu passed away rumours started circulating on the net after the passing away of another renowned actress named Rehema Konde popularly known as Bi Salama.

The news are sharing from one platform to another making people curious about her life, however, the famed and talented person is alive and kicking.

All the rumours circulating on the web are just the story of grapevine. Hasan is along with family safe and content. Her companion actress Rehema Kande is passed away, the cause of her demise is under review.

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