Maci Currin girl tallest legs of the world .


Nowadays, uncounted viral scandals are coming out on social networking sites, and almost every time, these, clips remain the hot discussion among everyone.

Same thing happened once again to Maci Currin who’s video are viral on social media network.

Image source: Twitter.

17-year-old Maci Currin has been declared the girl with the tallest legs in the world, as her name has been registered in the “Guinness World of Records”.

Maci Currin hails from the city of Cedar Park, Williamson County, her leg size is round 1.34 meters for the right leg and 1.35 meters for the left leg.

This is the reason since Maci Currin name is registered in the bookonly. After a few moments have handed since sharing the video and despite this, heavy reactions have been unleashed by the users.

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