As we khow in this internet world everything got trending in just a matter of seconds and like that “Magali Berdah ” Video went Trending.

Many video have been trending on the web which pulls the attention of the people. One controversy does not end another comes to the fore.

As per the latest trend the Trending video of “Magali Berdah” is making headlines in the news. People wanted to know about the original video which was firstly uploaded on Twitter and later went trending on social media.

Scroll down to know before well all those who are presently keen on the “Magali Berdah” that is presently trending look out for some of the reviews we have mentioned below.

Through this blog we will be discussing more about the “Magali Berdah” present in the video.

Magali Berdah
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Magali Berdah is currently spinning on the web with one of her videos which shows her in full action with a man in a 69 position.

However, everything seems that this is not voluntary and may be the result of revenge, perhaps from Booba.

Indeed, Magali Berdah continues her legal fight against Booba. After a complaint filed against the rapper last May for cyberbullying,

the one who manages the careers of many reality TV personalities has just obtained a new victory.

In a press release published on Instagram, Magali Berdah announced that she had requested the deletion of the Instagram account @oklm, managed by Booba.

de Magali berdah sur Twitter video

As she specifies in her publication, it is the president of the Judicial Court, requested by the team of lawyers of the agent of stars,

who ordered this closure However, the reality star agent found herself at the heart of a scandal right after her victory.

An intimate video of her in action with a man has burst onto the web.

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