Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad Shot Dead Video Footage? Check Wiki Biography Wife?


Through this article we discuss about a passed away news of a Brownie Ahmad.His video viral on a call social media platforms.

Notorious gangsters or don is passed away. As per the sources it came to know that the crime boss was gunned down in an execution-style homicide on a quiet street in Greenacre.

Image source: Twitter

Mahmoud Ahmad prominently known as “Brownie” had a bounty of $1 million on his head. Brownie was gunned down walking to his car.

Ahmad was serving in jail for 5 years for the manslaughter of gangland rival Safwan Charbaji back in 2016. He was typically known as one of many enormous avid criminals in Sydney Crime and generally walked in and out of the jail.

Today, when a man has passed away or better say kill*d in a gunfi*e Ahmad had been out of jail six months previously after serving 5 years in jail.

However, the case has been collecting national attention and the news has come to an end that the man has been sh*t to demise but all the headlines are saying the same thing that Underworld crime gathers Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was sh*t to lack of life in Greenacre, Sydney on Wednesday night.

Ahmad, a notorious underworld decides. Well, there is no doubt that the man was a really big name among criminals and in the underworld, and saying this won’t be bad that doing against the law was like his hobby.

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